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Katie Holmes stuffs her pussy with cucumber

May 7, 2010 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Porn

When a girl is in her teens, that’s the most crucial time she will be more vulnerable to peer pressure and activities that are out-of-character and may end up with terrible consequences eventually. One night of getting stoned and drunk then waking up to a stranger you just met the night before may mean a lifetime o f regret. A perfect example to this is Katie Holmes. Never would you have thought a beautiful lady  who was raised in a conservative, good family have been carrying a godawful secret all this time.

Seen here is Katie Holmes’ naked breasts and pussy exposed in her leaked naked pics. These dirty pics of Katie Holmes masturbating with the use of a big hard cucumber after school have been shot when she was at a barely legal age! I never would have imagined a refined girl-next-door persona used to be a young little nymph. Check out more of Katie Holmes’ hardcore pics over HERE!

Katie Holmes Porn Pictures

Jun 19, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Porn

Remember Joey Potter? The headstrong, witty, sultry and determined go-getter from the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek portrayed by this young and pretty then newbie in showbusiness named Katie Holmes, this Hollywood actress was destined for success and she has indeed come a long way from her ten TV soap days and now she’s married to one of Hollywood’s most sought-after hunk Tom Cruise for which she has a child named Suri and now this actress has made headlines when she  converted from Roman Catholic to Scientology for which Tom is now holding one of the highest positions in their organization. And we are dragging Katie once more into the spotlight when we present to you a small collection of sizzling porn pictures that is truly a must-see for all you Katie Holmes fans and curious individuals looking for some hot Katie action at Katie Holmes Porn Pictures.

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Broadway Beckons To Katie

Apr 11, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Gossip, News

Some Broadway producers have been trying to entice people like Nicole Richie and K-Fed to the Broadway stage, hoping their tabloid fodder status will translate to box-office gold. But some have actually decided to go and hire stars with actual acting ability and experience, which is why Katie Holmes may be gracing the Great White Way soon.

The Daily Mail has reported that Katie Holmes is in final negotiations to play a major role opposite thespic heavy hitters Dianne Weist and John Lithgow. The project is supposed to be the Arthur Miller classic “All My Sons”, and it is a chance for Katie to finally reclaim the promise she showed as a young actress many years ago. She was acclaimed in critically-successful films like “The Ice Sorm” and “Wonder Boys” before stumbling with films like “The Gift” and “Mad Money”. Even her turn as Joey Potter in “Dawson’s Creek” was well-liked by the general public as well as critics.

The only potential problem here? Pressure from Tom Cruise to make sure she doesn’t embarrass herself, or him, by giving a bad performance. She might be compared to Nicole Kidman, his ex, who’s been on Broadway before, and you can bet that Mr. Cruise wouldn’t want his current flame’s performance to be considered wanting beside hers.

Katie Cracking Under The Strain of Marriage To Cruise?

Mar 29, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Gossip, News

Katie Holmes has been looking strained and tired in public recently. She’s paler than usual, thin almost to the point of being anorexic, and she’s been appearing recently without Suri in tow. Close sources have also been saying that Katie’s been having frequent dizzy spells and bad headaches that are so painful that she sometimes sees black spots.

According to Star Magazine, it’s because Katie is starting to crack under the strain of being married to worldwide superstar and noted celebrity eccentric Tom Cruise. Yes, Tom’s been the subject of many reports of weird behaviour for years now, and it looks like Katie’s been discovering why.

The pressures of being part of a Hollywood supercouple probably also play a part in her weight problem. As in she doesn’t weigh enough. She’s so pressured about being slim that she’s become pretty obsessive about dieting.

Tom apparently is not much help when it comes to giving her support for her problems, as he has a “You can be with me, but don’t ask about it rule”, according to That means that when Cruise goes off for days at a time, which he is wont to do, Katie gets left behind to take care of the baby and be in charge of the work being done on their Beverly Hills mansion. And she can’t “ask about it”.

The home is a status symbol to Tom, a source claimed, so it’s up to Katie to “pull off something beyond magnificent, something Tom can brag about.” Katie has reportedly given herself even ore headaches because of this, “thinking about it and making herself sick,” according to this person.

Katie Holmes And Victoria Beckham Have Anorexic Lunch

Mar 17, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Gossip, News

As if we needed more proof other than her stick-like frame and thinning face that Katie Holmes is currently so obsessed with dieting and staying thin, here comes a report from Life & Style magazine detailing her anorexic eating habits.

It’s been reported before that Victoria Beckham has been hanging out with a lot of her fellow celebs and stars since she moved to LA with hubby David, and Katie Holmes is one of those celebrity buddies.

Madeo is an LA place known for its decadent pastas, at the restaurant recently, the pair were seen splitting a meal meant for one person, and that meal was a green salad without dressing, one piece of fish, and one side of steamed spinach.

Is that a meal or my pet rabbit’s snack (sans the fish of course)? They even split one regular Coke, Katie pouring ” half the soda into each of their glasses, then filled up the rest with bottled water,” according to a Madeo regular. The same person reported that they do this thing all the time, being part of how they control their calories.

Did Katie Holmes Get A Nosejob?

Mar 8, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Gossip

The website I’m Not Obsessed, which specializes in celebrity gossip and paparrazi photos has posted two photos recently purportedly showing that Katie Holmes has had her nose done! It wouldn’t be surprising, being something that celebs do all the time, and with the status of being Mrs. Cruise hanging over her head, the pressure is double what others have.

So take a look at the photos and make your own decision. Is it just due to aging and maybe some stress that she’s looking slightly different from her baby-faced Joey Potter days? I know what I’m thinking, but I’m not telling…

Katie Holmes And Her Scientology “Minder”

Feb 24, 2008 Author: Katie Fan | Filed under: Conspiracy Theory, Controversy

The biggest news in Katie’s life so far has been her relationship and eventual marriage to Tom Cruise. And the biggest scandals have of course been connected to that, most especially her conversion to Scientology.

Tom’s many run-ins with society at large have been due to Scientology, and there are more stories concerning that than can be comfortably told in one post, so let’s just focus on how this former Catholic schoolgirl’s life has been impacted by this cult.

The most obvious and well-reported is the firing of her long-time manager and her agent soon after her conversion to Scientology. These two were replaced by Jessica Rodriguez, who comes from the rich and influential Fesbach Scientology family, and is a high-level Scientology officer herself. This person is reportedly Katie’s “Scientology chaperone”, which reflects the kind of control this cult likes to have over its members. Being the wife of their most prominent member, of course she has to be watched closely.

Scientology requires members to sign a release form promising never to sue Scientology and to permit Scientology staff to hold them in isolation, with no contact with friends or family, for as long as staffers deem necessary. This is called “The Lisa Clause”, after Lisa McPherson, who dies under the cult’s custody in 1995. Is this Jessica Rodriguez the staffer assigned to Holmes? She most probably is, among others. There have been other people hanging around Katie wherever she goes, whispering into their communication devices.

After six weeks of knowing Jessica, Holmes was already saying that she was her “best friend”. In her notorious interview with “W” magazine, Katie was accompanied by Jessica, who injected comments as often as possible, even answering for Katie.

“When Holmes is asked to describe her feelings for Cruise, Feshbach interrupts and says, ‘You adore him.’” Fox News reported on their website. It’s not surprising that this formerly thoughtful and articulate person now has to have questions to her answered by a high-ranking Scientologist, especially considering the circumstances surrounding her conversion.

On April 11, 2005, Holmes flew to LA to have a meeting with Cruise about a possible part in “Mission Impossible 3”. The next time Katie made a public appearance was on April 27, where she was suddenly the love of Cruise’s life. During those 16 days together was also the time she fired her manager and agent. So what happened during those 16 days? With Scientology’s well-known array of “mind-enhancing” techniques, your first guess will probably be the right one.